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Toronto, ON
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Quote Number GYL -272
Quote Date September 7, 2023
Valid Until October 7, 2023
Total $3,971.95
Sharon Meredith

Town of Whitby

Sr. Manager, Recreation Community Services
T 905.444.1808/C 905.424.9954

Revised Quote:  Town of Whitby

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Custom Virtual Tour & Still Image Package

Brooklin Community Centre
Virtual Tour: 1 Scene $175/1 Edited Still $25
Brooklin Community Centre & Library
Virtual Tour: 7 Scenes $575/7 Edited Stills $140
Centennial Building
Virtual Tour: 7 Scenes $575/7 Edited Stills $140
McKinney Centre
Virtual Tour: 7 Scenes $575/7 Edited Stills $140
Iroquois Park Sports Complex (IPSC)
Virtual Tour: 15 Scenes $1200/9 Edited Stills $300
Civic Recreation Complex
Virtual Tour: 4 Scenes $350/4 Edited Stills $80

Costs above exclude GST
This is a package cost, reduction of some elements may impact cost per facility.
Travel Inclusive based on 3 Trips to shoot facilities

Sub Total $3,515.00
GST $456.95
Total $3,971.95

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