26 Kimberley Ave
Toronto, ON
M4E 2Z2

Invoice Number INV-22184
Invoice Date January 19, 2024
Due Date February 19, 2024
Total Due $4,051.05
Sharon Meredith

Town of Whitby

Sr. Manager, Recreation Community Services
T 905.444.1808/C 905.424.9954

 Town of Whitby - Part I

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Photography Package - Part I (December 2023)

Brooklin Community Centre
Brooklin Community Centre and Library
Centennial Building
McKinney Centre
Iroquois Park Sports Complex (Excluding Exterior Parks)
Civic Recreation Complex (Excluding Health Club)

Sub Total $3,585.00
GST $466.05
Total Due $4,051.05