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Toronto, ON
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Invoice Number INV-22148
Invoice Date July 20, 2023
Due Date September 1, 2023
Total Due $3,999.00
Miguel Murillo

Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront
1515 1st Street N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Direct: 904-685-3000/Cell: 770-769-7733

General Manager

Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront (jaxjbhx) Video Option I

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1 Custom Video Package

Scope of work. To capture the exterior experience of the Hampton Inn at Jacksonville Beach including shots during (weather permitting) sunrise, mid-day, and twilight. Footage will cover the exteriors, pool, tiki bar, beach, pier, and a room / balcony.

This package will have video captured by a combination of drone and a gimbal-based video camera. This is a combo lifestyle architectural video shoot, meaning that there will be a combination of architectural shots (no people), distant shots with talent and detailed, close-up shots with talents. Talent will be provided for and managed by Hampton Inn.

Package Includes:
Photographer On-site One Day, Two Nights
(1) Video will be approximately 30 secs in length.
(5-7) Drone Photos
Video editing will include (2) rounds of revisions. **
Video will be edited for traditional professional feel.
Video included Royalty Free Audio Track (to be approved prior to editing), TTML file and voiceover.
Voiceover will be completed once the video content portion is approved.
Travel Inclusive

** Additional editing revision will be at the rate of $75 per revision.

Sub Total $3,999.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $3,999.00