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General G6 Hospitality Shoot process steps. The goal is to schedule the shoots for the following month at the beginning of every month.

  1. G6 Hospitality provides GYL/JJ with a spreadsheet of properties in need of images.
  2. JJ sorts the list by State and begins the planning process with the photographers.
  3. JJ attempts to combine as many property shoots in a single trip for the photographers (this is important for financial and scheduling purposes).
  4. JJ documents the proposed shoot dates in the spreadsheet.
  5. JJ will enter the shoots into the Google Calendar and this system (Shoot Date Milestone and Schedule Photoshoot section).
  6. Once 75% of the shoots have been scheduled, JJ sends the spreadsheet back with the dates and photographer names.
  7. G6 Hospitality sends an email to the scheduled properties advising them of the shoot date and shoot cost.
  8. G6 Hospitality will receive some responses confirming shoots, all other confirmations are done over the phone by GYL.
  9. JJ will contact the scheduled properties within a few days of the G6 email going out.
  10. JJ will complete the shot list and prep call in the same confirmation call (if the GM has time).
  11. JJ will send the shoot confirmation, shot list and photography standards to the property (cc:, DBP, photographer and any pertinent recipient).
  12. JJ will mark the shoot as ‘confirmed’ and remove the ‘PLACEHOLDER’ in the calendar booking title.
  13. Every Monday/Tuesday, JJ will create and send all invoices for the G6 shoots to be completed that week. Email: and, cc: Bob and Alan.
  14. Save the invoices in the individual property shoot projects in the Documents section of the project.
  15. G6 will wire transfer the funds to GYL within 30 days of the invoice.
  16. JJ to mark the project as ‘Complete’ or ‘100%’ once payment has been received.
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Shoot Date January 25, 2022

January 25 2022 - afternoon
Joel Tyson

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Shoot Date: January 25 2022

Photographer Name: Joel Tyson

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Prep Call 2 0 / 1 0

This Phase includes 2 Tasks:

  1. JJ calls hotel – ask for GM or owner. No scheduling required because these properties are hard to get a hold of therefore JJ simply does the prep call at the time of shoot date confirmation.
  2. Send Prep Call Documentation


Shot List will be saved in the Document section of this project.

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Invoice 2 2 / 2 0

This Phase includes 3 Tasks (2 of which are just to monitor dates to ensure client pays on time):

  1. Create Invoice
  2. Payment Due
  3. Payment Received


Invoice sent will be saved in the Document Section of this project.

Create/Send Invoice Jacqueline Jacob 1
Payment Received Jacqueline Jacob
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